With nature’s blessings

Nature has blessed weddings here for over 70 years.

Cherry blossoms in spring. Fireflies in summer. Colorful foliage in autumn or sparkling snow in winter. Our forested oasis in the middle of Tokyo will reward you, your families and guests with a wedding celebration beyond compare.

Your wedding ceremony can be adapted to any culture, religion or philosophy and celebrated in a western chapel, Japanese shrine, banquet hall or outdoors. The reception is tailored to your preferences in your choice of several elegant banquet halls.

Whether your events are small and intimate or large with hundreds of guests, we will personalize them to meet your needs. Every staff member from planner, chef and photographer to makeup artist, hair stylist and server is fully dedicated to fulfilling your dreams.

Reservations & Inquiries

Wedding Inquiries


Please provide the following information.
・approximate date of the wedding ceremony
・number of guests
・wedding ceremony style (Japanese or Western)