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Tokyo’s Magical Forest Aurora: Chinzanso Garden in Winter

For many of us, seeing the northern lights at least once in a lifetime is a distant dream. This winter, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s guests and visitors have the chance to view the Forest Aurora, a special recreation of the northern lights in Chinzanso Garden. The Forest Aurora is part of the Garden Project, a series of special events initially created for Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s 70th anniversary in 2022.


Surreal Lights and Sounds! The Features of the Forest Aurora in Japan

The Forest Aurora can be enjoyed in Chinzanso Garden in the evenings throughout winter, from November to February. The phenomenon is created using advanced light projection technology. The dynamic color gradation that makes the aurora borealis look like a giant curtain swaying in the sky is created by projecting light with different densities from six directions.

If you look right above your head, you’ll be able to enjoy a multilayered aurora. When viewed from the side, the aurora appears to have six layers. The dynamic scenery of the Forest Aurora changes depending on your vantage point!


The scenery of light is best enjoyed from the walkway along the Yusuichi Pond. Look straight above your head and you’ll see the Forest Aurora covering the sky. Combined with the sea of clouds, the aurora turns into an immersive scenery. For five minutes, the surroundings are transfigured into a surreal sight.

Moreover, the enchanting experience of the aurora is enhanced through a special stereophonic soundscape created with natural sounds. Before you even realize it, you’ll be transported into a new realm while gazing up at the night sky.


The Forest Aurora is shown several times per day. Please check the schedule here for precise hours.How about visiting the hotel precincts for dinner at one of the restaurants and viewing the aurora before or after your meal? After all, at Chinzanso Garden, you can be one hundred percent sure that you’ll be able to view this aurora in Japan as it is not affected by weather conditions.

The Forest Aurora is part of the Garden Project, a series of special features added to Chinzanso Garden in 2022, ahead of the hotel’s 70th anniversary. The other features are: the Tokyo Camellia and Art Installation that recreates the atmosphere of the Camellia Mountain from premodern times, the pink Tokyo Sea of Clouds during cherry blossom season, the bamboo basket light installation from late spring, the firefly viewing season, the windchime festival and enhanced Sea of Clouds in summer, and the fall foliage season. Together with the Forest Aurora shown in winter, these garden features represent the “seven seasons of Chinzanso Garden.”


Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has always strived to be an oasis of nature in the increasingly dynamic urban landscape of Tokyo. Isn’t it wonderful to know that you can enjoy a different season every time you visit?


View the Forest Aurora Privately! Special Accommodation Plans and Menus

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has prepared a series of exclusive accommodation plans so that the Forest Aurora is a truly special experience for guests.


The Private Aurora Night is a chance for overnight guests to come to the garden after closing hours and enjoy the Forest Aurora privately. This experience is reserved to six groups per day. Together with your family or partner, you’ll enter the garden after 23:00 to enjoy the aurora leisurely with a warm drink in hand. For those interested in booking the Private Aurora Night, please enquire at the hotel or by calling us at +81 3-3943-111.  


The plan is available for guests staying in View Bath Superior rooms, Premium Deluxe Garden Suites, and View Bath Suites. It also includes a tumbler as a gift, as well as the option to choose between a Western-style or Japanese-style breakfast. 


In the season of lights and gifts, why not surprise your significant other with an overnight stay that includes a viewing of the aurora? The charm and tranquility of Chinzanso Garden at night, along with the sight of the aurora and the sea of clouds appearing just for you, will surely become a wonderful memory of your stay.

Patrons of lobby lounge Le Jardin will be able to savor the Aurora Evening High Tea, a special menu offered only throughout the duration of the Forest Aurora. 


The menu includes hotel specialty items, from savory and sweet treats made by the hotel patissier to a Forest Aurora-themed welcome drink and dessert. Please check the official page for details.

Last but not least, the Year-End Dinner Buffet is a celebration themed around the Tokyo Sea of Clouds and the Forest Aurora, two features that make Chinzanso Garden a must-visit in Tokyo. The Year-End Dinner Buffet is held at the Banquet Hall from November to the end of the year. Please check the official event page for details regarding the dates, menu details, and reservations.

The desserts are both gorgeous and tasty. Each is inspired by seasonal landscapes, the Tokyo Sea of Clouds, and the Forest Aurora that brings a tinge of magic to Japan’s urban oasis. Patrons can choose from a wide variety of drinks and cocktails. 


A Dreamlike Winter Awaits at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo


If you’re looking for a destination in Japan to spend special moments with your family or significant other, why not visit Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo? The Forest Aurora brings magic to Chinzanso Garden this winter. This extraordinary scenery of light amid Tokyo’s oasis will fill your hearts with wonder and joy.

Updated on November 21, 2023