Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Garden Tours: Discover the Secret History of Tokyo

We seek nature because it reconnects us to our roots. It reminds us that we are part of a larger story that goes back far into the past. Nature is our source of wellbeing and the foundation we thrive on.

When Duke Yamagata Aritomo (1838-1922) discovered the Camellia Mountain in 1878 and decided to make it the garden of his residence, he probably thought the same. Tokyo was already a vibrant city on its way to modernization and the Duke could envision it becoming one of the greatest cities in the world. All the more reason why he wanted to keep this corner of the city in a state that would bring to mind vast sceneries of mountains and rivers.

The former Camellia Mountain is now the garden of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, one of the most remarkable natural sites in Japan’s capital. The garden is open to the public (*1), which means that every citizen or visitor to the city is welcome to reconnect with nature here.

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