Follow the path to the three-storied pagoda at the top of the hill, and witness the finest camellia-viewing sites in Tokyo.

A new viewing site for the spring
From January to March, some 2300 trees from over 100 types
of camellias blossom brilliantly in the garden.
For the spring of 2021, a new viewing area presenting another beauty of the camellias will be created on the hilltop area where the three-storied pagoda stands. Along with the Tokyo Sea of Clouds and One Thousand Lights, as well as our elegant camellia-themed meals, now more than ever guests can experience the beauty of the camellias that have been adored in Japan since days long past.

The walk to the hilltop includes a gently sloping climb of a total of approximately
150 stairs across both directions, over a dirt path, and hard-packed earth.

Tokyo Installation Art

〜Scenic Scroll “Camellia”〜

In the days when Meiji-era statesman Yamagata Aritomo inhabited this land, it was written that atop the hill in the garden, the camellia trees stood tall against the sky. (The three-storied pagoda was brought to the garden by Baron Fujita Heitaro, who carried on the garden from Yamagata. ) A new area has been created in the stretch of the garden behind the three-storied pagoda, with tall Japanese camellia trees and moss evoking the style of garden found in front of traditional teahouses. The vision recalls the Kasayama Camellia Groves found in Hagi, Yamagata’s birthplace. Along a path of bamboo fences and stones transported from Hagi, a new world of camellias spreads before the eyes. In this garden said to have been inspired by Hagi, yet another scenic locale has been recreated.

【5 weeks only: February 8th(Mon.) to March 14th(Sun.), a special piece of installation art will emphasize the striking beauty of the camellias drifting to earth from the tall Japanese camellia trees. An illusory vision like that from an unfurled picture scroll delights the eyes, as nature and art become one.

Camellia Flower Path


On the hill path leading from the sacred tree to Mucha-an and the Shiratama Inari Shrine, double-flowered camellia trees from the Tamano-Ariake variety have been planted, displaying their splendid mixed red and white petals. When they bloom, the path is showered in colorful red and white.

The camellias of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

The Japanese camellia tree and Tamano-Ariake are just two of the brilliantly blooming flowers at the hotel
that number more than a hundred varieties. Guests are sure to encounter new and different camellias with each visit.