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Garden Walks with God Ebisu - Wedding Walk Tokyo Hotel

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Wedding Walk


Hotel Lobby

"We welcome our guests in the hotel lobby. The front window reveals a sea of green. If you're attending a wedding here, enjoy a walk before the ceremony starts."

Here comes the Bride

"The time waiting for the wedding to begin is well spent gazing at the gardens. And here comes the bride!"

Keiunden Shrine

"Here is our Shinto shrine, Keiunden, for Japanese traditional wedding ceremonies."

Kinsui Restaurant

"How about using Kinsui Restaurant for a Japanese-style wedding banquet? The view of the garden is splendid, and the chairs on tatami mats let you relax comfortably."


"Zangetsu is great for more intimate wedding banquets. It's our old teahouse, and the government has chosen it as a tangible cultural asset."

Celebrate your Special Day

"You can enjoy the seasons not just in the garden, but in the food as well. Our chefs will use the freshest ingredients to create whatever you like to celebrate your special day."

Benkei Bridge

"Just outside Kinsui Restaurant is Benkei Bridge, which is a favorite photo spot for wedding couples."

Lumiere Wedding Chapel

"This is one of our wedding chapels, called "Lumiere." It's popular with couples who want to say their vows with the green forest at their backs."

Vanvell Wedding Chapel

"This wedding chapel is in our garden. With its stone interior, it has the feel of an old European church."

A Flower Shower

"All the guests enjoy giving the bride and groom a 'flower shower'. Our wide-open garden area is perfect for it."

Soleil 〔Hibiki〕

"This room is beautiful with the sunlight streaming in. It's the perfect backdrop with its lush greenery." *Names in brackets are new names as of August 17th, 2018

Maple Room

"This is the Maple Room. With its private terrace surrounded by nature, the guests will have no problem mingling."


"This room is called 'Tsubaki,' which means 'camellia.' Its open kitchen is a unique treat for guests to watch."


"This is our Ballroom. Now I've shown you some of our banquet facilities, but there are many more to choose from. You can pick a room that brings happiness to not just the wedding couple, but to everyone in attendance!"

Cafe Foresta

"After you're finished planning for the wedding, take a break at the Cafe Foresta. They serve snacks or full meals."

Special Events and Meetings

"The garden around Hotel Chinzanso is a forest of joy in the middle of Tokyo. Weddings aren't the only thing we hold at the hotel. We have many special events and meetings here, too."