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Garden Walks with God Ebisu - Popular Spot Walk Tokyo Hotel

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Popular Spot Walk

Le Jardin Lobby Lounge

"Before we start our walk, let's have afternoon tea at the Le Jardin Lobby Lounge. We can eat sweets while gazing at the garden. I made a reservation for us - it's popular, so we'll need one!"

Evening High Tea

"Or we can wait until we're done walking and have evening high tea instead, with champagne under the moonlight. Which do you prefer?"

Yusui Pond

"I like to stop by at Yusui Pond. The wide-open pond, home to many carp, blends in with the vast forest. You can often see the carp jumping."

This is Our Waterfall

"This is our famous waterfall. Next I'm going to take you behind the fall."

Waterfall Tunnel

"Here we are behind the waterfall. Enjoy this hidden spot, and see how changing your perspective can offer a different view of the garden."

Camellia Blossoms

"In the winter we see camellia blossoms all over. We have 100 different kinds of camellia and about 1,000 camellia trees. They're a symbol of perfect love!"

Mucha-an Soba Restaurant

"If you're hungry, we could stop for some soba here. The soba noodles, served in a traditional Japanese dwelling, are extraordinary. See what it feels like to eat lunch in the middle of a forest!"

Suikinkutsu, Japanese Garden Ornament

"Enjoy the sound from this Japanese garden ornament in front of Mucha-An. The sound of flowing water is soothing to the soul, like cuisine that you enjoy with your ears."