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Garden Walks with God Ebisu - Historic Walk Tokyo Hotel

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Historic Walk

Garden Entrance of Banquet Bldg.

Says God Ebisu, "Follow me on this walk through Japanese history. Many of the monuments I can show you are registered as Japanese cultural assets!"


"Ahhh, fresh air! Cherry tree, maple tree, Chinese huckleberry, and 10,000 other trees are welcoming you!"

Stone Statue of Rakan

"Here we meet a Rakan statue and 19 of his stone friends. Each of these fellows have a different look - smiling, angry, sleepy - they all have a different expression, and I'm sure you'll find the one that looks like you!"

Goldfish Leaf Camellia

"We call this kind of camellia a 'goldfish leaf camellia.' If you look at its leaf, you'll know why. It's just as cute as a real goldfish."

Kokou Well

"This is Kokou Well. It's a real spring water well, something very unusual in Tokyo. This is the place where fireflies breed - they need the fresh spring water!"

Yusui Pond

"Here is Yusui Pond, where you can see some big, beautiful carp. The climax of our tour is coming right up!"

Top of the Stairs

"Let's see what we'll find at the top of the stairs."

Three-Story Pagoda

"You've reached the famous Three-Story Pagoda. It's 600 years old! It's quite lovely to see from every angle, and is visible from all around the hotel."

On the Way to Kanmoku Gate

"Mmm... I'm getting hungry, aren't you? Let's take a break."

Sushi Restaurant Chu-an

"Our sushi restaurant, Chuu-an. The fish and roe shine like jewels. So beautiful - and of course, tasty!"