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Garden Walks with God Ebisu - Healing Spot Walk Tokyo Hotel

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Healing Spot Walk

“In our garden, where the other Seven Gods of Fortune and I live, the air is very fresh. It’s good for your health.”

Chinzanso Plaza

"In our garden, where the other Seven Gods of Fortune and I live, the air is very fresh. It's good for your health."

Lucky Turtle

"Next to Chinzanso Plaza, you'll see this statue, called 'Lucky Turtle.' The sculptor was none other than the rain and wind. It's supposed to be 10,000 years old! Touch his head - it brings you luck."

View from Sky Terrace

"Walking toward the pond, you should stop by Sky Terrace to enjoy the breeze and sunshine. The view of the trees is like a gift from Mother Nature!"


"Well well, welcoming us with a big smile is my fellow god, Daikokuten. He's the bringer of good luck to your work or marriage."

Running Water

"Hmm... Do I hear running water? The pure water of this stream soothes with its softly flowing sound."


"My sister goddess, Benzaiten - she's a pretty one and plays the biwa, a classical stringed instrument. She's the goddess of business and talent. Perhaps paying her a visit will awaken your own hidden talent!"


"Climbing the stairs you'll meet Fukurokuju, with his long white beard. He's the god of longevity and prosperity."


"Staring at the Three-Story Pagoda is the god Bishamonten. He's wearing armor and carrying his spear. He's the bravest of the Seven Gods of Fortune, so when you're facing a challenge, you can borrow some courage from him!"

Hotei Osho

"On the road down to Kanmoku Gate is Hotei Osho, with his warm smile and full belly. He helps create harmony in relationships with friends and family."

Shiratama Inari Shrine

"Through the red torii gate you can see the Shiratama Inari Shrine. Ring the bell and make a wish."


"Walk for a while and you'll meet with Juryojin, who gives off an aura of contentment. He is the god of not just longevity, but of aging gracefully, too!"

Sacred Tree

"This is our 500-year-old sacred Chinquapin tree. At 20 meters high and 4.5 meters in circumference, it gives off a feeling of vitality. Its longevity gives visitors a good chance to reflect on their own lives."

Mokushundo Restaurant

"This is Mokushundo Restaurant. They specialize in steak cooked over lava stone from Mount Fuji, and their seasonal menu expresses the four seasons that can be felt in the garden around it."


"Oh - here I am! I'm actually one of the Seven Gods. Do you recognize me? I watch over fishermen and working people, and bring good luck."