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Garden Walks with God Ebisu - Evening Walk Tokyo Hotel

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Evening Walk


Chinzanso Plaza

"Take a walk in the evening to see the garden in a different way. It can be very romantic!"


"Our garden is open until 11 pm for evening walks. Strolling along the path, you may be able to see the fireflies that it's known for."

Fireflies (Hotaru)

"Wow! Watching this spectacle, it's easy to forget we're in Tokyo! From late May until July, people come from all over to see the fireflies in the garden. "

One of our Hotaru

"This is one of our 'hotaru,' or fireflies. We actually have two types. One type is brighter and the other flashes more. A prime spot to see them both is Benkei Bridge."

Enjoy the Foliage

"Take an evening walk in the fall to enjoy the foliage - it's magical when lit up at night and the red leaves are reflected in the water. You can borrow a lantern at the information counter. Late November is the ideal timing."

Sound of the Waterfall

"The sound of this waterfall seems all the more relaxing at night The mists blown by the night wind are cool to the touch."

Cherry Blossoms at Night

"We have 19 types of cherry trees - 80 trees - in the garden. Our lighting makes them look ethereal at night. The effect is almost artistic."

Three-Story Pagoda

"Around the Three-Story Pagoda you enjoy the rustling of leaves in the breeze, and the call of cicadas in the fall. The moving colored lights create a feast for the eyes and ears. Get a great view from the nearby benches."

Enjoy the View from Your Room

"I'm getting sleepy after the walk, and I'll bet you are, too. Enjoy the view from your room and sleep well."