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[Stone Grill] Stone-grilled Kaiseki “SAKURA-RANMAN” Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

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[Stone Grill] Stone-grilled Kaiseki “SAKURA-RANMAN”


Appetizers such as sakura lily bulb and broccolini sprinkled with scrambled egg proudly display both the vision and flavor of spring. Japanese-style beef stew is prepared over lava stones, and the main dish features a rice bowl flavored with starchy sauce and slightly spicy wasabi.


Period :

February 15th (Fri.) to April 7th (Sun.)


Time :

Dinner : 5 :00 pm to 8 :00 pm (last order)


Price :

16,500 yen (Includes tax but excludes service charge)

*Can be ordered during lunchtime hours as well.



Tofu with lily bulb and wasabi

Tender simmered octopus, boiled shrimp

Broccolini, scrambled egg

Firefly squid with vinegared miso, cucumber

Salmon, bracken, simmered bean honey



Sashimi                      Two kinds of sashimi





Japanese lobster, whitefish

Japanese “Kuroge-Wagyu” beef fillet           40g

Japanese “Kuroge-Wagyu” beef loin            20g

Three kinds of vegetables


Stewed dish

Beef stew



Rice bowl, starchy sauce with tofu skin and wasabi

Pickled vegetables

Miso soup


Dessert                   Fruit and strawberry mousse

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