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[Stone Grill] Stone-grilled Kaiseki Akikaze Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

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[Stone Grill] Stone-grilled Kaiseki Akikaze


A special kaiseki meal that draws out the freshest tastes of the season.


A course meal of autumn cuisine grilled on lava stones from Mt. Fuji. When dishes wrapped in magnolia leaf are opened, an indescribable aroma fills the air in this innovative stone-grilled meal.



September 17th  (Tue.) to November 14th (Thu.)



Dinner: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm (last order)

*Can be ordered for lunch as well.



11,600 yen per person (tax and service fee will be collected separatdly




Duck dumpling, millet gluten, salted and fermented fish guts with cheese, baguette

Deep-fried chestnut, ginkgo


Chef’s specialty

Steamed Japanese beef, garnish, horseradish, soy sauce with vinegar



Tuna ball, baked tofu, green onion, yuzu citrus


Grilled dish

Grilled whitefish, magnolia leaves with miso

Wheat gluten, mushroom, green pepper



Japanese beef filet            40g

Saga “Kuroge-Wagyu” beef loin  30g

Three kinds of vegetables

Wine salt, wasabi, yuzu citrus pepper, grated radish with soy sauce



Rice, miso grilled beef

Pickled vegetables, miso soup



Dessert of the day


*All rice used is Japanese rice.

*Contents may be subject to change based on availability.


For reservations or inquiries

Reservation Center

Call 03-3943-5489

(9 :00 am to 8 :00 pm)