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Opening of the Japanese-style Suite Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

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Opening of the Japanese-style Suite


“Bringing Japanese hospitality to the world”
A Japanese-style suite with the finest in Japanese design is now available!

A Japanese-style suite room, embodying Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s concept of “brining Japanese hospitality to the world” is now available.

The Meiji-era diplomat Yamagata Aritomo resided at the location where the hotel stands today, and passionately created its unique garden. The Japanese-style suite overlooks this historic garden. Relax and enjoy a luxurious moment in the room that incorporates Yamagata’s fascination tea, a spirit he incorporated into his life as a man of culture. The room bears a strong sense of Japanese tradition.

Japanese-style suite (83㎡) / 1 room 178,200 yen

*Prices exclude tax, service charge, and accommodation tax

A round vase filled with camellias will welcome you
Welcome to the Japanese-style suite, where the finest attention to details is paid.

[Enjoy Japanese Style]

■The circular window by the side shelf creates a harmonious and soothing atmosphere, allowing guests to relax in a comfortable Japanese-style room.


■Logs with camellia bark are used for the decorative beams.
The bark is raw, so guests can enjoy the beams in their natural state.


■The bathroom features heavy granite, and guests can enjoy the relaxing aroma of Japanese cypress.


■A nostalgic writing desk available
Next to the writing desk is a lighting fixture designed by Junzo Yoshimura that delivers soft light.
*Junzo Yoshimura, known for his work on the new Imperial Palace, also designed the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Tower building.

[Relaxation and Functionality]

■The circular window conceals a portable television (15”). The television can be used anywhere in the room, and is also waterproof, so it can be used in the bathroom as well.


■The room is designed so that the moment guests enter the Japanese-style suite, they can forget about their daily lives.
The main 50” television is concealed by the shoji paper screen.


■Two mini bars
-The Appeal of Japanese Style-
In addition to the Japanese sake zone and the Japanese tea zone, the room also features beautiful glasses.

Drinks that support guests’ daily lives, such as tea-presso and an illy coffee machine are available.


[Bringing Japanese hospitality to the world]

■The Japanese-style suite, which can also be used as a tea room, features an Omotesenge-style preparation area, allowing for further hospitality.

■A hearth in the floor
Invite a special person to enjoy a warm relaxing moment.


■Observe the ceiling decorations, which connect the quarters
The decorations feature flowers from the four seasons that can be enjoyed at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo: cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, maple leaves, and camellias.
Envision the garden in the upcoming season…


■Yamagata Aritomo’s writings may be placed in the room as a hanging scroll in the alcove
Enjoy the scrolls along with seasonal writings.


A peaceful moment, observing the garden from the spacious veranda…
A dignified moment, experiencing the tradition and culture of Japan…

Please enjoy the Japanese beauty that is the country’s pride at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s Japanese-style suite.

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