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[Event] Firefly Dinner Buffet 2019 Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

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[Event] Firefly Dinner Buffet 2019



A special night of memories that will last a lifetime.


As the fireflies trace their mysterious dance in the summer air, we present a dinner bringing out the best of the early summer nights. Spent with family or those dear to you, the festivities are sure to leave unforgettable memories.


The ever-popular roast beef sirloin is sliced right before your eyes. Favorites such as sushi and seafood on rice are included in a menu of seasonal standouts from early summer. This year sees the new additions of dim sum with shark’s fin, black pork, and shrimp, as well as abalone, Chinese cuisine with thick gourmet pork, and more.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s legendary curry selection, with 4 types of curry such as the carefully, artfully prepared pork curry and white curry, are prepared for guests.  After dinner, dessert such as pineapple flambe with a flame performance and a parfait station where you can create your own custom parfait are also available.


A luxurious dinner buffet awaits, where the entire family can enjoy as much as they like of their favorite foods, and take home memories of the fireflies’ bewitching dance.


May 17th (Fri.) to July 7th (Sun.)

*If the minimum number of persons is not met, or due to circumstances with the venue, the event may be cancelled.

*On the day of the event, please visit the information desk on the 3rd floor of the Banquet Building, from which we will show you to the hall.


7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

*One some dates, the event may be held from 6:00 to 8:00, 6:30 to 8:30, or 7:30 to 9.:30


*The reception will begin 30 minutes in advance.


Venue: Event hall


Adults: 9,800 yen (Mon. through Thu.) or 10,500 yen (Fri. through Sun.)

Elementary school children: 4,500 yen

Young children (age 3 and up): 2,500 yen



Meal: Japanese and western buffet

Drinks: Free-flowing drinks

(Red and white wine, beer, whiskey, shochu, and soft drinks)

*Menu may be subject to change based on availability.

*Seating will be determined by the hotel.

*Images are for illustrative purpose.


For reservations or inquiries

Reservation Center

Call 03-3943-1140

9:00 am to 8:00 pm

About the fireflies of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo:

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s expansive and verdant gardens have been home to genji fireflies from the larval stage to the flight of adulthood, receiving expert consultation since 2000 on recreating the fireflies’ natural environment. The mineral-rich spring water coursing through the gardens all the way from the Chichibu mountain range has been guided to provide even greater water quality and flow. We currently raise the fireflies from birth to their larval stage in artificial colonies within the garden or at our own facilities, and release the larva into the garden each winter. The soft, gentle light displayed by the fireflies has been well-loved as an early-summer tradition in our lush green garden, known as an “urban oasis,” since as far back as 1954. This year too, the illusory lights of the fireflies as they dance their way through the nights of early summer await your visit.