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Pagoda Lounge – Suite Room Guest Exclusive Lounge –

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“Pagoda Lounge,” a lounge for only suite guests.

The newly constructed Pagoda Lounge allows suite guests to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, and experience hospitality and relaxation that only Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, with its verdant natural surroundings, can provide.
Guests staying in suite rooms can enter the lounge simply with the card key from their room. Those staying in City View rooms will especially enjoy relaxing in the lounge as they watch the different scenery of the evening sun setting over the garden.


◆ Opening hours:  10:00~18:00

◆ Floor:                    12F


By feeling as one with with nature, guests can enjoy relaxation in the elegant lounge with all five senses.

Sight: Enjoy the rich seasonal sights of the garden.
Sound: The high-resolution audio of birdsong and the murmuring of streams will allow you to forget that you’re in the city.
Touch: Reward yourself with maximum comfort in Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s original electric reclining chairs.
Taste: The new Water Library provides some 20 types of refreshing spring water from all over the world.
Smell: Let the soothing scents of natural hiba and cypress add to your relaxation.