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Welcome to Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo,
Luxury Hotel in Tokyo
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Dining in TokyoRyotei Kinsui (Kaiseki)
Dining in TokyoRyotei Kinsui (Kaiseki)Dining in TokyoRyotei Kinsui (Kaiseki)

Ryotei Kinsui Restaurant, located in the garden, serves traditional kaiseki meals, consisting of a set course of many small dishes, chosen for their seasonal appeal and beautiful appearance. The restaurant is built in the sukiya style of Japanese architecture, dating back hundreds of years. The restaurant is an expression of the simplicity of Japanese culture, based on an aesthetic of naturalness and in perfect harmony with the surrounding garden. All dining rooms have a view of the garden.

Location: In the garden

Operating Hours: Lunch/dinner: 11:30 am - Last order 8:00 pm

Seating: 9 Private rooms and 2 hermitages accommodating up to 60 seats


  • Lunch: 8,400 yen and up(Saturday, Sunday, and a public holiday : from 16,800 yen)
  • Dinner: 16,800yen and up

Note: No sandals or shorts are allowed

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, 10-8, Sekiguchi 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-8680, Japan
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